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Frequently Asked Questions

What  does an Event Decorator do?

The Event Decorator repaints visible spaces with colors, textures and lights, transforming ordinary to extraordinary. Working from the client’s vision, the event decorator styles multiple dimensions, from floor level, to cocktail or table seating, entryways, stages, altars, walls and ceilings. Her or his event style toolbox is imagination combined with a resourceful palette of special event place settings, chairs, linens, florals,and
signage, to up-, gobo-, spot-, and candle lighting,, tailored for indoor or outdoor, daytime or nighttime effects. The event decorator channels moods visually, easily translating themes  like formal, contemporary, romantic, rustic, vintage, natural, alternative, avant garde into a combination of visual elements designed to captivate, engage, and transport.  With guests onboard, the event decorator launches guests’ experience to exhilarating, new dimensions!

What is the role of an event planner?


An Event Planner is a behind-the-scenes reputation maker. Each event has a purpose, based on a vision. The purpose becomes reality when just the right team, players, plans and resources coalesce, playing the same page, same timing, same goals. Deadlines wait for no person; mountains of details collapse under hills of good intentions. Promised deliveries will or won’t happen. The role of the Event Planner is to eat uncertainty for breakfast, surprises for lunch, and have the “front of house” dinner guest attendees applauding for more when the curtains close. From the start, the event host declares the destination, provisions the journey, and oversees its progress. The event planner pulls the strings to orchestrate a kaleidoscope of contributors, aligning their skills to the envisioned outcome, timelines and budget. A professional event planner’s job is done when the host receives the glows and accolades of her or his attendees!

When should I book an event planner?


Speak with us as soon as possible. The sooner you speak with us, the sooner we can save you precious time and money, and ward off problems. The first conversations will touch on dates, budget, project scope, even contract basics. Professional, government or corporate groups will want to include prior event learnings and budgets; social event discussions ideally will want to include idea boards, and those involved with financing the event as early as possible.

What emergencies does an Event Planner handle?

Being credentialed professionals with over 25 years managing all types of events, our experience becomes the foresight to save most any catastrophe from impacting your event. While we can’t stop a blizzard, hurricane or covid 19 viral outbreak, we can equip clients with full contingency plans. Our reason for being is to bring your vision into reality, providing guidance tailored to you, your needs, your situation – without the headaches. When your plans begin with us, everything comes together cohesively – this means contracts that protect you, vendors that deliver, you and guests celebrate in comfort – without cost overruns.

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